OrderBid Hardware aims to bring best service in home improvement from wordwide and we are looking for oversea hardware chain partners to create this revolutionary business! Under partnership with Orderbid.Your products will be sold in Chinese market through our 1600+ member stores and our products can enter into your stores as well.

Share market, products, services and logistics, open win-win model.

1. Market: carrying the “Your Brand" + "OrderBid" double brand within the Union, extending the influence of our brands, expanding the market sharing.

2. Products: using the same warehouses of supplier, improving and expanding their product line.

3. Services: taking advantage of a neighborhood shop, improving the service for the consumers.

4. Logistics: using our own logistics system, increase the inventory turnover.

Benefits of this partnership:

1. Save money on market development costs, dealing with the customer directly, saving cost to develop new markets.

2. Minimum operating costs: branch offices not required in a new market and staff training not required as well. Sharing the local system with each other will achieve product selection, storage transportation, access etc.

3. Reducing risks: we know the China market its ‘culture as well as the consumption habits in the many provinces of China.

4. Enhancing the confidence of our union members (potential members) as well as the suppliers (potential suppliers). The market will continually with grow as additional high-quality suppliers are attracted and join our company.

Partner with OrderBid in the Home Hardware and Supply industry in creating a global base serving the vast markets of the United States, China and the Europe.