About OrderBid

OrderBid International Group is a global integrated manufacture, trade and sales group, which includes 11 factories in Mainland China and 100+ sales representatives in America, Europe and Asia.

We Focus on:

Mechanical components: For machines, vehicles, appliances, trains, energy equipment, optical instruments, tools and the aircraft industry. Our product range for these industries include machining parts, plastic parts, stamping and bending tools etc.

Workshop cabinets and furniture: Design and manufacture for workshops.

Green products: For government’s projects, restaurants and hotels, like stainless steel ashbin, ashtrays, food waste disposal equipment etc.

Driveway maintainance: Hot sealant for home pavement, airport tarmac, road and highway repair, manhole systems.

Moulds and accessories: For global automotive industry, especially in stamping mould, inspection equipment and gas springs.

Market and sale for home improvement products: With 1600+ hardware stores in main China, we help oversea suppliers to enter China market; with good relationship with the big supermarket, like Home Deport, BQ, OBI…etc, we help Chinese factory to sale their products in North American, Europe.